First: Products Designing and Studying Means of Development and Marketing:

Development of clients’ products and trademarks in terms of design and specifications that meet all their needs. This is represented in:
– Designing new products.
– Developing old designs.
– Product Marketing.

Second: Registration and Protection of Trade Marks of Local and International Clients:

We are patent agents legally specialized in registration and protection of all that are related to intellectual property, such as trademark, industrial models, patents, copyrights in Egypt and internationally. We also keep a group of specialized distinguished lawyers who undertake defense in cases of robberies and imitation of any commercial trademark, industrial model, patent, or copyright before all courts. We enjoy deep experience in all such fields. We are also fully experienced in the field of trademarks, patents, industrial models, and logos.
Our services are represented in registration of trademarks, logos, company names, names of product in form and content, containers and packages of products, designs and drawings, industrial models, authorship of advertisements and means of advertizing, etc. we are pleased to be your agents either in applying for registration, or for renewal of term of protection, property transfer, obtaining licenses to benefit by trademarks industrial models, patents, copyrights, and alike that is related to intellectual property.
We perform all legal procedures as a whole, and follow up such measures until providing you final certificates, as well as following up during the term of legal protection and renewal of the same.
We register trademarks in Egypt, and conduct researches that are related to trademarks at the fullest due to our great experience in such field. We enjoy overwhelming excellence in such field as we are able to evaluate opportunities of registration of trademarks locally and internationally.

Third: Packing and Packaging Services:

We provide containers of different sizes starting with small plastic containers and including flexi tank and iso tank.

Fourth: Logistics Services:

Services of following up clients’ orders prior to manufacturing till delivery to the clients.